Our Story

Noëlla Aoun holds a Master’s degree from “Columbia University in the City of New York” in Architecture and Urban Design. She also studied architecture at the French Beaux-Arts School “ALBA – Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts” where she graduated with distinction. Throughout her path, Noëlla has acquired and fine-tuned valuable attributes such as creating design solutions and succeeding in extremely competitive environments.

The relationship between the space and the human being always fascinated her. Wanting to create these spaces that construct people’s lifestyle was her main reason to become an architect. Her passion for the subject of urban design was ignited when she decided to join two international urban workshops in both Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Paris (France).

She recently moved from New York City where she interacted with top caliber architectural enthusiasts from all backgrounds and relocated to Beirut in order to establish her independent professional practice. Whether working on large-scale projects as an urban designer or on a smaller scale as an architect, Noëlla has strong work ethics and commitment to her profession. Noëlla has developed a diverse portfolio by working on various projects in several cities such as Beirut, New York and Seoul among others. She is also a registered architect at the OEA (Order of Engineers and Architects) in Beirut, Lebanon.


Our Skills

The practice aims to shape functional, attractive, and sustainable spaces while taking into consideration the needs of all those who are actively involved in the development, especially the client and space users. The design of each project focuses on making connections between people and places, movement and urban form, nature and the built fabric. The procedure for developing each project consists of 3 phases:

Idea + Start, the phase for confirming the client’s business goals and budget estimation. It’s a brainstorming exercise designed to set the program and identify the boundaries of the project.

Research + Analysis, the phase for studying the site conditions and analyzing the physical, historical, environmental, social, and natural context of the project that would inform and help set the design parameters visualized by diagrams and sketches.

Design + Creation, the phase for capturing all the collected insights in a holistic architectural vision and project concept including all the required drawings (initial concept, design development, construction documents and details).

This 3-phase procedure leads to delivering unique and client-specific designs and ensures custom solutions due to a combination of unique concept and detailed technical knowledge within a contemporary vision.