Three Daily habits that fight climate change

Three Daily habits that fight climate change

As the world starts to warm up due to climate change, and as global warming starts to cause various changes to our planet, the population is starting to experience more frequent and intense extreme weather events, with not only animals and plants at risk of extinction, but also humans. This is why people, city leaders, and different organizations are starting to take action and raise awareness among people about the dangers and different effects of climate change and about the different ways that help fight it.

Here are a few daily habits that can help us fight climate change:

1- Use energy wisely:

Many people use energy without mindful thinking. Some of us might not even notice that our energy consumption is extremely high. This is why, people and leaders worldwide are starting to raise awareness about using energy wisely by suggesting turning appliances in homes off, unplugging electronics, changing thermostats to programmable thermostats, insulating homes to prevent heat from escaping, and using renewable and green energy, such as wind turbines for electricity and solar panels for electricity and water heating among many others. If all these measures are taken properly, they can help the population reduce their carbon footprint and better fight climate change.

2- Use public transport and other environment friendly means of transportation:

Using public transportation is a very important step towards reducing carbon emissions. In fact, public transportation, which includes buses, trains, and trams, is a lot more efficient than other types of vehicles, as in addition to using less energy and emitting less carbon, they can also hold a lot more people than normal vehicles, which leads to less vehicles on the road, and thus, to less traffic. On the other hand, using other environmentally friendly means of transportation, such as cycling, walking, running, and electric cars and motorcycles, can also help reduce carbon emissions and help us fight climate change faster.

3- Reduce, reuse, and recycle resources:

Also known as the three Rs, reduce, reuse, and recycle is another strategy to reduce the population’s carbon footprint and the climate change impact on the lives of living beings, including humans. This strategy aims to reduce the amount of waste human beings create such as plastic and electronics, reuse everything we buy and own more than once, and finally recycle the recyclable items and repurpose everything else instead of throwing them away. Recycling and repurposing are very important, as the waste created by the population is one of the main contributors to climate change. Plastic containers, for example, can be repurposed and reused as jugs for watering plants. They can also be reused as decorations or as furniture for modern homes. On the other hand, they can also be used to create vertical gardens, which are also green and help reduce emissions.


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