Category: Landscape Design

Street Design

Street Design: Creating a Livable Environment for a successful user experience Streets are vibrant hubs for commercial and social activities. They are also catalysts for urban transformation. Today, urban designers and architects are developing new approaches to street design to meet people’s needs. They are working towards transforming streets into urban places, keeping in mind […]

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Vertical Edible Garden

Vertical gardens are gardens that grow upwards on panels that have been suspended vertically. Vertical gardens have recently taken off in the industry, however, not many people take advantage of this new technique in their homes. In fact, vertical gardens are frequently only seen in public spaces, where flowers or any other types of plants […]

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How Architects Create Unique and Remarkable Real Estate

It is indisputable that architects play a major role in the success of real estate buildings. In fact, they are the best people when it comes to the creation of unique human experiences and to achieving quality of design by studying the real estate market, listening to the needs of the clients, offering strategic advice related […]

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