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Cold-climate architecture considerations

Building a home in cold climates requires meticulous planning, designing, and special considerations, as cold weather regions usually have their challenges and can affect the work of architects and designers. In fact, freezing temperatures and water from continuous raining can lead to problems related to structural integrity of the building, as well as cause problems […]

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4 Effects of Climate Change

Climate change is causing long-term changes, not only in the climate, but also in our lives. It has direct and indirect consequences, especially on us, humans, and on our environment, as not only is it causing worldwide increase in temperatures and melting glaciers, but it is also affecting our quality of food, causing loss of […]

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Inclusive Cities: Challenges and Opportunities

Inclusive cities offer equal and better opportunities and living conditions for all their citizens. Today, city leaders across the world are starting to realize that their cities are becoming more unequal, with the gap between different people widening in terms of income and access to services, infrastructure, amenities, and opportunities. This is why, city leaders […]

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