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4 Effects of Climate Change

Climate change is causing long-term changes, not only in the climate, but also in our lives. It has direct and indirect consequences, especially on us, humans, and on our environment, as not only is it causing worldwide increase in temperatures and melting glaciers, but it is also affecting our quality of food, causing loss of […]

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Street Design

Street Design: Creating a Livable Environment for a successful user experience Streets are vibrant hubs for commercial and social activities. They are also catalysts for urban transformation. Today, urban designers and architects are developing new approaches to street design to meet people’s needs. They are working towards transforming streets into urban places, keeping in mind […]

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5 Innovative Ideas that Contribute to Sustainable Cities

Concerns over climate change, air and water pollution, and renewable energy have been drawing a lot of attention in recent years. These concerns have brought attention to sustainable planning. However, creating sustainable cities involves many challenges, as many goals should be achieved, including protecting the environment and conserving our natural resources for future generations. Overpopulation, […]

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Sustainable Building Architecture

Green architecture, or green design, is an approach to building that has been growing in popularity for the past few years. Its aim is to reduce the harmful effects of architecture and construction on the environment by saving water, safeguarding air, and using environmentally friendly building materials. Sustainability in green buildings should then be part […]

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Choose The Suitable Roof For Your Project

The fifth façade of each construction – or what we commonly call the roof – is no less important than any vertical façade of your building. But on the contrary, it plays a major role on several levels and especially in architecture, property investment and environment. Going through traditional and geometric, social and profitable, ecological […]

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