Interior Design Trends for 2021

Interior Design Trends for 2021

Sometimes, in order to completely change the interior of a certain room in your house, you only have to add a couple of new details and the design of the space will play in a completely different way. With the right choice of materials, textures, furniture, and colors, you can turn your residential interior into a stylish and elegant space. And because interior design trends continue to evolve towards creating the most comfortable environment for the residents of the house, designing the residential interior in one particular style is gradually, but surely fading into the background, leaving space for personalization to prevail.

Here are a few interior design trends that will be prevailing in fall 2021:

1- Natural colors: Colors play a major role in interior design. They can change along with seasonal trends. This year, all the trends are moving towards more natural and rustic styles. For example, in the areas where users want to create an atmosphere of spaciousness and peace, such as the kitchen and the living room, the most trending colors that you will come across will be pastel brown tones with different shades of beige and yellow. On the other hand, blue will also prevail in fall 2021. Naval or darker blue colors, in particular, can be used to create more natural, contemporary, and elegant spaces. The shade brings the room closer to nature, which creates tranquility in every interior. Green has also been a favorite for several seasons and will probably continue to be one in fall 2021.

2- Sustainable furniture: One of the most exciting prospects of the upcoming fall 2021 are the innovative experiments of the designers and homeowners to create new materials and furniture based on recycling and alternative technologies. In 2021, furniture made from natural, eco-friendly, and recycled materials will prevail. In fact, bringing in recycled elements into interior design has already become a trend in 2020 and will continue to increase in popularity in fall 2021. Many innovative designers are already experimenting with the usage of leftover materials, making use of what others consider garbage and of low impact pieces for the environment to create a unique interior design. Sustainable furniture can, for instance, include tables, beds, and chairs made of recycled plastic and repurposed steel or aluminum.

3- Nature elements: Bringing in the nature to your home is one way to strengthen your connection with nature. Because living in the cities has made contact with nature increasingly distant, people are looking for new ways to incorporate nature’s elements back into their lives. One way to do that is by adding plants in your home. However, there are other elements like sand, stones, water, wood, and even seashells that you can use in your interior space. Living plants, marble, ceramics, and unpainted wood surfaces are becoming more and more popular today. Urban interiors are also being decorated with images of animals, birds, and leaves, and with motifs and prints that also gravitate to nature.

4- Arches: Arches are a typical and traditional architecture design. And while they have not been popular in the last few years, they are now having a comeback thanks to architects and designers choosing to add curved doorways, rounded windows, and arched mirrors to their interior designs. In fact, some are using arches as a new way to add more curves and rounded shapes inside homes. Archways, decorative patterns painted on walls, and arched shelves, furniture, mirrors, ceilings, and light fixtures are some examples of how arches are being used to create an elegant and classic look in your house.

5- Integrated living space: Creating an integrated living space can be quite effective and sustainable in smaller houses as well as larger houses. An integrated living space usually means fusing two spaces into one, allowing the residents of a house to use the fused space for multiple purposes. This trend is not a new concept, but it is one that has made a major return in recent years. Most common fusions are made at the kitchen level. Opening your kitchen and living room together, for example, can help make your home look more on-trend and increase the functionality of the space. For smaller spaces, bedrooms can also be fused with the living space, increasing natural lighting thanks to the absence of walls and making each room appear bigger than it actually is.

6- Glass and steel room divider: Glass is another element that is not new in the interior design world. However, glass as a room divider is a hot new trend that has recently taken the interior design world by storm. In fact, it was the integrated open-plan living space trend that made statement-making partitions become more common. The combined glass and steel room divider is chic and elegant and can add an industrial edge to the room. On the other hand, because of the reflectiveness of the glass, this divider can fill your room with more light and create a bright and spacious room without affecting its flow and functionality.

7- Copper and brass: Copper and brass are traditional materials that are also storming back into fashion. These materials and their details give the space in which they are used a sense of comfort and simplicity. Copper and brass can be used in different elements in the house, especially in the living room and the kitchen. For example, copper and brass parts can add an elegant touch to your space when used for mirrors and chandeliers in the living room, attracting attention with their geometric shapes. They can also be used for the kitchen tap, giving a new look to the kitchen worktop. However, one downside of copper and brass is their tendency to make a room look darker, which means you will have to save enough space for additional lighting in the room.

8- Individualization: The most important element in the interior design world is individualization. It calls for personalizing the space and adjusting the interior in a way that primarily suits you. In this approach to design, the interests, tastes, and preferences of the resident are taken into account, and the space is designed accordingly. This is where craft furniture and the mix of styles come into play, allowing you to design your space according to your lifestyle and needs.

The upcoming year 2021 is just around the corner, and new interior design trends are seeing the light of day. With environmentalism becoming one of the most important topics these days, fall 2021 will mostly witness the return of the vintage, with interior designers now on the lookout for older recycled materials, furniture, and elements to create more sustainable and eco-friendly designs for homeowners. And while recycled vintage pieces can be a little bit on the expensive side, purchasing them can make homeowners feel relaxed and add a personalized touch to the space they’re living in, which is helping this trend become more popular amongst designers.

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