Luxury Residential Interior Design

Luxury Residential Interior Design

There are endless possibilities for creating an interior design that suits your personality and lifestyle. There are also endless possibilities for creating a luxurious and elegant interior design that would make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and at home. Luxury interior design can, in fact, offer inspiration and bring character to various design styles in your house. And whether you like classic, modern, traditional, or eclectic styles, there are many ways to make sure that you achieve a luxe feel with the help of sophisticated looking materials, furniture, and decorations and decadent detailing. However, it is all about trying to achieve the right balance of form and function in the room you are designing.

So, here are 5 major elements that could make your residential interior look luxurious and elegant:

1- Contrasting colors: One of the first things you should do if you want to upgrade your interior design is to get confident about your color combinations. Knowing what color combinations work is key, as it can help you make better choices when designing your home. Contrasting colors, which are also known as complementary colors, is where two colors on the opposite side of the color wheel cancel each other out when combined or mixed. Contrasting colors, like red and green for example, can help you create a luxurious look in your living room, where you can paint your walls in green, for instance, and put a red sofa in front of it. On the other hand, light blue and burnt orange can also create a calm and relaxing environment in the room, and can make the room look elegant. Burnt-orange sofas can also be paired with light pink accents to create a glam look, or with earthy hues for a more natural look.

2- Natural light and ventilation: Every house needs appropriate lighting and ventilation. Sunlight is the most natural and free light source that you can ever find. Letting natural light in can be mentally stimulating, given that it is well controlled. It can be an excellent decorative addition to your home, and is important for your health. In fact, natural light coming from the sun’s rays can make your furniture and home decorations reach their full visual potential, allowing you and your guests to admire the shapes and details in the room. This can be achieved by first studying the direction of the sun and the wind and placing the windows around the house accordingly. As for your design, you can start by using fine and light curtains for your windows to allow the maximum amount of light in. Hanging mirrors can also help you reflect more of the natural light around the room, which will make it shine and feel more spacious and light.

3- Wall cladding or paneling: Wall cladding or wall paneling is an excellent way to add personality to a room. In fact, the way you set up your walls should be aesthetically pleasing. Your walls should also be prepared to endure any form of damage. This can be achieved by adding wall cladding, which could also help you create a luxurious look inside your house. There are different types of wall cladding, including stone, which is considered the best choice because they are environment-friendly. Other types of luxurious wall cladding include onyx, which adds brightness and beauty to any space. Marble, on the other hand, is durable and has a luxurious finish. Because there are many other alternatives, like limestone, granite, and basalt, you can create the perfect luxurious look in any room, while achieving the vibe that you find most perfect.

4- Fabrics: In residential interior design, fabrics are considered one of the most important part that helps you get a luxury interior design. Generally, fabrics are important not only for their color or their pattern, but also for their quality. In fact, good quality fabrics can influence the entire look in the room you are designing, which is why it is extremely important that you choose the right kind of fabrics to get the luxury interior design that you intend to achieve. Cotton, for instance, is a durable fabric that can be used for most items in your home design such as rugs and cushions. Wool, on the other hand, can immediately upscale the look in your room, and it can be used for different items. Cashmere wool, for instance, is a luxury fabric that can be used for beds, luxurious blankets and many more.

5- Decoration and accessories: Decorations and accessories often help you add the finishing touches to the room you are designing and create a luxurious look. In fact, successfully decorating a room with accessories means that the right and perfect objects have to be selected and displayed, so that you can create a focal point and enhance the style of the room. For example, blankets can be a great way to bring different kinds of textures into the space. On the other hand, adding baskets for additional storage space or as decoration can also add more dimension to your luxury room. Wallpapers on accent walls can also add some texture to your space, while curtains used as a backdrop for art can create a calming energy and make for a luxurious environment.

Luxurious interior design is more than just adding and arranging a few chandeliers with some expensive looking sofas. On the contrary, it is about authenticity, which can help you unleash your creativity and inspire you. However, luxurious interior design also means that comfort is key, which means that when designing your house, you should always have your comfort and convenience as a priority. You should feel warm and at home and make it reflect the way you want your visitors to perceive you.


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