Set up Your Outdoor Living for the Fall Season

Set up Your Outdoor Living for the Fall Season

We all dream of having a beautiful outdoor living space, where we can spend most of our days relaxing and enjoying the weather and nature. An outdoor space with a well-designed, modern, and stylish landscape design can help set the mood and can bring you the best experience not only in summer but in fall and winter seasons as well. When designing your outdoor living space, there are endless directions you can go in. A beautiful landscape design takes time, effort, money and maintenance, which is why having a good plan can help you cut down on all of those things as well as help you create a unified area that accentuates your home and provides times of relaxation, enjoyment and fun.


From garden furniture to appropriate lighting and fire pits, here are a few ideas to set up your outdoor living space for the fall season:

1- Plan your planting: Plants play a major role in landscaping, as they help beautify any kind of space. When you are choosing your garden plants, take the size of your outdoor space into consideration. If you have a small space, it is better to opt for a unified and simple design. If you have a large space, however, you can opt for a more creative design, creating different zones with different kinds of plants. You can use flower beds to add attentiveness to your garden or add shrubs and trees in bigger areas to provide shading for sunny days. Plants and flowers that can be used in the fall season include pansies and goldenrods. These two plants are suitable and can add color and character to your space, so it does not look bland in the fall.

2- Create a lounge space: Creating a lounge space in your backyard can help you use your outdoor living space in different and new ways, allowing you to have a place to relax, eat, read, or just sit and enjoy the weather. You can choose high-quality furniture for your lounge space, such as an outdoor dining set or other seating furniture that work for lounging and relaxing and even napping. In this kind of space, it is extremely important to have your lounging space protected and shielded from the occasional nippy breeze by using movable screens that can be stored inside in other seasons.

3- Choose the suitable color scheme: Colors in your outdoor space can differ and change depending on the season and décor. However, you can choose one color scheme that could work for you in all four seasons. Avoid the usual fall colors such as yellow, orange, and brown which are very often associated with the fall season because they are the main colors that can be found in nature in this particular time. We suggest you opt for more elegant and chic colors like white, light grey, and beige for your outdoor spaces, which are also suitable for all seasons.

4- Add functional kitchen features: Cooking and entertaining are new trends that are probably very unlikely to go out of style any time soon. New modern and perfect outdoor spaces include nowadays a full-service kitchen and bar around the outdoor lounging area. You can add a TV to your space to make the area look even more complete and create a gathering and entertaining space for your family and guests.

5- Invest in a fire pit: Fire pits are another new addition to a modern landscape design. Not only they are useful for cold weathers, but they can also be great gathering areas, where your family and guests can meet, relax, have a drink, and have fun. A fire pit can be a great and cozy focal point in your garden, and most of the times, fire pits provide more seating areas to your outdoor living space. To add a nice ambience around your fire pit, you can add some bistro lights above it.

6- Keep around throw blankets: Throw blankets are usually used as the final touch for your outdoor living space. They are a fun and easy way to add more character to your space, as they can make your outdoor living space look cozy and warm in the fall season. Throw blankets can also provide comfort for you and your guests. They are not just a multi-purpose functional element but also an amazing way to add your personal style to your space and give it a pop of color.

7- Install grass tiles: Grass tiles are also considered one of today’s most popular modern landscape designs. Grid patterns can be made using grass and concrete tiles for example. Actually, Grass, concrete, and other plants can create an interesting layout of squares and rectangles when combined. The grid pattern gives the illusion that your garden or outdoor living space is bigger than it actually looks. Using different kinds of plants also helps add character and color to your landscape. Elfin thyme is one example of plants that can handle foot traffic and look gorgeous when they bloom.

8- Use good and suitable lighting: Appropriate landscape lighting can take your backyard or garden from basic to fancy. While your instinct might be to light up every nook and cranny in your landscape, it is best to keep it to a minimum because less can be more when it comes to landscape lighting. An example of good landscape lighting is lighting a pond or a fountain in your garden, which can bring attention to them and show them off. On the other hand, it is important to add drama to areas that might not stand out during the day. For instance, spotlights and in-ground lighting can help highlight a certain area or shrub in your garden, while deck and step lights can help you light up entertainment spaces to ensure that you can move around your garden or outdoor space without risk of injury.


Outdoor living spaces are designed to perform as an extension of the indoor residential space. With the stressful working hours in our modern day, so many of us are looking to create ambient and well-designed outdoor living spaces to be able to relax and have fun after spending a long and stressful day working. So, plan your landscape design and outdoor living space carefully and make the most of your open-air area this fall season, to create a fun and enjoyable experience at home.

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