Beach House: Design Ideas for a Fresh Summer Experience

Beach House: Design Ideas for a Fresh Summer Experience

Nothing sounds more appealing than a beach house in the summer. People who love the sea like to spend their days at a beach house, as it provides all the ambiance they need for a relaxing and calm summer. Beach houses are known for their laidback yet versatile and chic look. They are often designed to match the climate of the region and embody the atmosphere through the color, furniture, and decorative elements that people pick. And when designed right, a beach house can become a very relaxing getaway for people who are looking for various recreational opportunities and want to take a break from real life.

So here are a few ideas for a fresh summer experience:

1- Make the atmosphere breezy and airy:

When designing a beach house, many architects think about creating a light and airy environment. To achieve this, they often choose to design a beach house with an open floor plan, ensuring that the rooms are seamlessly connected, and creating a big space that is easy to navigate through. For example, an open floor plan in a beach house can have either no walls or half walls separating the kitchen from the living room. A visual dividing line, however, can be created by painting the walls different paint colors. This open floor plan makes the space look wider and bigger, creating a breezy atmosphere with good natural lighting.

2- Create an access to the outdoor space:

When at the beach, people want to connect with nature, which is why open air is considered a very important element in beach house design. This is why designers often choose to make the porch a cozy place that gives people a space to relax. For a simple yet sophisticated look, you can bring in some furniture and add a few plants with some beach themed decors. A hammock in the porch, for example, can bring a beachy feel to the house, allowing you to watch the sunset and enjoy the surrounding view. Bright colors and natural hues, such as white and light blue, as well as wooden features can also add a subtle yet comfortable feel of the beach.

3- Use natural textures and materials:

People choose to go to beach houses to experience the beauty of the seaside and enjoy the outdoor natural senses and vibes. This is why it is important to bring the journey of senses inside the house by using natural textures and materials inspired by the coastal location of the house. Natural textures and materials would also help your home blend in with its surroundings. For example, if you wish to decorate the exterior, you can use timber, rock, and bamboo furniture. As for the interior, you can use bamboo for flooring, as well as natural fiber rugs. You can also use seascape wallpapers and paintings if you wish. However, do not forget to use water-friendly materials and stay away from the ones that could rust and corrode because of the salt air.

4- Use some laid-back furnishings:

With the beach only a few steps away from the door, designers often advise to use simple and light furnishings to create a soft look in the house. However, furnishings can also be stylish and sturdy. In this case, furniture can often play dual roles in the house. For example, you can use a coffee table that doubles as a storage for accessories and small objects. On the other hand, if you tend to invite a lot of people into your home in the summer, you can also invest in sofas that turn into beds. Beach-themed accessories can also be used in your beach home. For example, you can decorate your house with seashells in jars to bring a natural feel. However, make sure to use minimal décor, as in modern beach houses, you want the focus to stay on the beach-inspired design.

5- Choose a relaxing color palette:

The colors used in beach house design should reflect the colors of the sky, sea, and sand that you can find at the shore. For example, because there are countless shades of blue, you can also choose countless shades of blue with shades of beige and white for your color palette. Green also works in this type of houses, as you can use green tones alongside grey and light browns. However, keep in mind that the most important feature in beach houses is simplicity, which is why it is better to stay away from dark and strong colors, as you want your house to blend in with the natural colors of the beach.

6- Add floor to ceiling windows:

When designing any room in a beach house, designers often rely on floor to ceiling windows and try to add more glass elements to make the house look like it is enveloped by the sea and sand surrounding it. This would also allow maximum light into your home along with fresh sea air, allowing you to have natural ventilation and minimizing the use of air-conditioning. This further adds to the natural feel of the house, as for beach lovers, there is nothing like waking up in the morning to fresh air with windows that allow them to look into the beautiful view outside their home.

Keep the Simplicity for A More Enjoyable Stay

Today, everyone wants to escape their everyday life in the city when they have the opportunity. And beach and sea lovers are no different, as they would often jump at the chance of living in a beach house that makes them shed away all kinds of stress that have been building up from their busy lives and hectic work schedules. This is why they often look for a quiet, cozy, and simple refuge. So, it is safe to say that their home design is very important to set the overall mood, with simplicity a key element in design, as no one wants a crowded getaway place that reminds them of their stressful life.


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