Winter Garden: Enjoy Your Outdoor Living All Season Long

Winter Garden: Enjoy Your Outdoor Living All Season Long

It is only a few weeks before winter comes, and people are starting to get their homes ready for the season. It is true that indoor space is important to keep warm in winter, but people often ignore their outdoor space and fail to prepare it for the season. Interior designers believe that an outdoor space should be for all seasons, and that people can enjoy their outdoor living all year long, even if it is during the coldest season of the year.

Here are 5 ideas to consider doing this year to enjoy your outdoor living all season long:

1- Plant winter trees and flowers:

Trees and flowers are not for spring and summer only. There are many types of trees and flowers that grow in winter. In fact, winter provides an opportunity to highlight your garden’s structural aspects, which is why instead of abandoning your garden this winter, you can start growing trees and flowers that brighten it with their blooms and with their sweet smell. Strawberry trees, also known as arbutus unedo, which yield fruit in autumn and winter, are a great example on colorful trees that can be planted in your garden in winter. They have dark green leaves and red and yellow fruit, which provides color and adds visual interest to your outdoor space.

2- Use evergreens:

As their name indicates, evergreens are plants that remain green and functional throughout different seasons and are an essential part of any garden. In fact, they not only provide color during the winter, but also help add texture and privacy, as they come in many sizes, shapes, and most importantly, shades of green. For example, arborvitae that grow in a round shape can be placed anywhere in the landscape and can provide a very lively color of green in cold climates. Wintercreeper is another type of evergreen shrubs that can add color in winter. They normally have gold and green or white colors that turn pinkish to red in winter. Boxwood is also an all-time favorite evergreen plant that can be sheared into any shape desired. They keep their green color throughout the winter and work in many outdoor garden settings.

3- Pick cozy textures for warmth:

Making little swaps between seasons can have a great impact on a space, as not only is it time-efficient and fast, but it also changes a space’s entire look and feel. And with winter only a few weeks away, now is the best time to start swapping your light textures with more cozy textures that induce warmth. For example, wool and velvet can add a huge amount of warmth on chilly evenings. They can also add great visual appeal and a dose of luxury to your space. Knits, on the other hand, can be used as throws and can provide a great level of comfort, especially since they are soft to the touch and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Linen is another great textile that can be used in winter, but also in any other season. In fact, they bring the right amount of warmth in winter, and offer a cooling effect in summer and spring, which makes them a great addition to any space.

4- Install patio roofs and screens:

Installing patio roofs and screens for your outdoor living space will push you to spend more time outside, even when it gets dark and cold. The roof and screens provide an outdoor shelter for you in the winter and help you add privacy and keep the cold away, while allowing you to create a space to sit, eat, sleep, and spend quality time with your friends and family. On the other hand, a patio roof with screen enclosures can be a fun and attractive addition to your outdoor space, as they can be designed to match or complement the design style of your home, which in return would make the space look and feel like an extension for the indoors, and thus draw you in and encourage you to spend more time in it.

Don’t Forget Your Fire Pit

Plants, shrubs, and wildlife are very important for visual appeal, comfort, and attractiveness throughout the entire year. However, nothing adds charm to your outdoor living space more than outdoor fire pits. In fact, fire pits create a space for entertainment where people gather, socialize, and organize romantic nights. They are also a great source of lighting that create a nice ambiance and a sense of closeness between people. This is why no matter what you have planned for your outdoor space this winter, don’t forget what might become the hero element of your space this season: your fire pit.


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