Plants Selection for your Winter Garden

Plants Selection for your Winter Garden

It is no secret that plants brighten up your garden and add a touch of color to the landscape, especially in dark and gloomy winter days. In fact, plants have the power to transform your entire garden. If you are looking for beautiful and colorful plants to add to your garden this winter, you will be happy to hear that there is a wide variety of plants to choose from. And with a little bit of good planning, these plants can become a beautiful and lovely addition that would turn your garden into a lively space.

From shrubs and flowers to flowering trees, here are 4 plants that you can plant in your winter garden 2021/2022:

1- Crocus:

Crocus is the perfect plant to choose for your garden in winter, as this flower can absolutely withstand the harsh weather of the season. In addition, since Crocus blooms come in a variety of colors, such as red, orange, purple, and blue among many others, they provide color and add character to your garden. Crocus plants are also best known for their ability to naturalize, meaning that they can also regrow in your garden every year without having to put much effort into the process.

2- Winter Aconite:

Characterized by its golden flowers and green leaves, Winter Aconite is a delicate and charming small plant that can also naturalize and regrow with very low maintenance. Winter Aconite is another plant that can be planted in your garden in winter, as this plant hibernates in winter, can survive the harsh weather, and most importantly, adds a very vibrant color to your garden. In addition, Winter Aconite, which bursts from the ground towards the end of winter, can thrive and tolerate different light conditions, from shade to full sunlight. However, if chosen, it is best to plant this flower away from where children and pets usually play, as they contain poisonous chemicals that can cause harm when ingested.

3- Cyclamen:

Cyclamen is a small flowering plant that comes in shades of pink, purple, red, and white. It has green and silver heart shaped leaves, which can add a unique touch to your landscape. Cyclamen’s small stature makes the plant especially perfect for rock gardens. This plant, which is native to the Mediterranean area, is most popular during the winter holiday season. It thrives in cool, humid environments, and does not like extreme heat or dry air. Cyclamen is usually grown indoors in the summer and blooms during winter, providing a nice variety of colors in your house and in your garden, if planted outside. It is very important to make sure that your plant is being properly watered, as cyclamen is an extremely sensitive plant that neither likes over watering, nor under watering. This is why it is best to water it only when the soil looks dry.

4- Winter Jasmine:

A popular and reliable shrub, Winter Jasmine is known for its cheery, bright yellow flowers that appear in winter and can create a huge contrast with the season’s dark days. Winter Jasmine is part of the Olive family. It is a great climbing vine that can be trained to grow into various ways, depending on your need and the look you are looking to achieve in your garden. This means that, if you do not have enough space in your garden, the best method to grow Winter Jasmine would be to train the plant to grow onto a trellis, which would help you enjoy the flowering blooms in winter without having an overcrowded garden. Winter Jasmine is also very tolerant when it comes to soil type and quality, drought, and light conditions, making it an easy plant to grow in your garden this winter. The only downside of having Winter Jasmine, however, is the fact that the flowers are scentless, but their colors and the contrast they provide sure do make up for it.

Do Not Limit Yourself to Plants

No one can deny the fact that plants and flowers have an incredibly positive effect on our lives. In fact, besides instantly boosting a home or a garden’s look and aesthetic, they can enhance our mood and affect our mental health, as being constantly around flowers and plants can help people feel more calm and relaxed, and can help lower their stress levels. In addition, plants can also help clean the air and fill it with more relaxing and beautiful scents. However, a garden should not only be focused on plants and flowers, as there are other elements that can add character and create a relaxing environment, which is why you should not limit yourself to plants only.


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