Designing Modern Countryside Interiors

Designing Modern Countryside Interiors

Modern Country has been on the rise as a popular designing style for quite some time. This designing style has gained popularity because of the feeling of simpler living that it alludes to. The countryside is characterized by its abundance of space, providing peace and solitude for its residents. It always has a calming and relaxing effect on the local community, as, instead of traffic, honks, and factories, residents have the sounds of nature: singing of birds, rustling of tree leaves, and babbling creeks. These factors often provide an enticing environment for country lovers, pushing them to invest in houses in the countryside to enjoy the space and atmosphere. To reflect the nature and atmosphere surrounding these houses, interior designers often look to create the most suitable and interesting interior designs, to provide an enjoyable and comfortable experience for the residents.

Here are a few elements that articulate the perfect design of modern countryside interiors:

Simplicity: Country style interior design is usually fairly simple. Simplicity is an important aspect in countryside houses because it is a measure of comfort and practicality. This is why interior designers consider, oftentimes, that less is more and that simple reflects elegance. For instance, choosing modern, uncomplicated furniture with uniform, bright walls can help achieve elegance and give illusion that the space is bigger than it looks. Avoiding vivid, strong patterns is also key here, as this step can help keep your home feeling warm and welcoming.

Warmth and coziness: When designing a countryside house, one of the main tasks of an interior designer is to reflect, in the space, the personality of the dwellers and to bring coziness and comfort and make it livable and warm for them. Using the right furniture and accessories can help achieve this goal. For instance, country dwellers are always looking to be close to nature, which is why putting plants and flowers can bring life and sense of freshness to any space and provides a personalized touch in the room. Using warm-colored blankets, pillows, cushions, and rugs, on the other hand, can add depth, comfort, and color to the living room. Lighting is an important aspect in interior design as well. Choosing the correct type of lighting, such as sconces, globe lanterns, and table lamps, can create a more inviting and homely atmosphere in your home, as it helps set the mood. Art and photographs are also another element that can create a personalized, warm look in your rooms and they can make the space appear finished and put together.

Natural materials: Wooden elements are usually the most appreciated materials used in countryside house interiors. It is virtually everlasting and timeless and can be renewed and restored every once in a while. Wood is what makes a countryside house look country, as it reflects the atmosphere surrounding the house, and is often preferred over artificial materials, plastic, and glazed surfaces. It can be used as a finishing material for floors, for furniture, kitchen or bathroom cabinets, and spacious wardrobes. Stone, brick, and metal are other examples of natural materials that could be used in a modern country design. Stone, for instance, can be used to finish a fireplace covering or to accent one decorative wall in a room, while brick goes with almost every style and always looks elegant and modern.

Furniture: Modern country interiors have furnishing and accessories that are comfortable and practical at the same time; they should make the residents feel welcome and not afraid to use them regularly. One of the signature looks in countryside houses is mismatched furniture. Mismatched furniture makes the space look alive, quirky, and vibrant. When it comes to mismatching pieces in your home, you need to choose one common denominator in the room and stick to it, matching other pieces in the room accordingly. For example, you can choose a period or era as your common denominator and pick furniture that only reflect the designs of that time. You can also choose a certain type of fabric, colors, textiles, and materials as your common denominators to create different designing styles. Mismatched handles and knobs on kitchen units can add a fun and personal touch to the kitchen design as well.

Colors: Choosing the perfect color scheme will make your country house look cozy and elegant all at the same time. Because color is personal, you can start by choosing shades that you feel you are naturally drawn to. This way you can ensure that you don’t tire of them as quickly. Neutral color palettes such as white, beige, black, and gray can be punctuated by subdued greens, yellows, pinks, and blues. These color palettes often draw inspiration from nature and underline the country atmosphere. Deep colors, on the other hand, can be used to highlight specific areas in a room, which can help bring atmosphere to its interior design. Picking vibrant painted furniture will also catch the eye and add drama to your space.

Patterns and prints: To ensure that a space is visually appealing to its dwellers and visitors, elements such as color, shape, print and pattern come into play. Patterns and prints actually bring a sense of activity and liveliness into the room and add color and elegance to the space. Patterns also add visual weight to an area, instantly drawing attention to the space. Patterns and prints can include, for example, florals, stripes, checker, chevron, and many more. Wallpapers and fabrics with a vertical design, for example, give an impression of more height. Brickwork and other designs, such as wood paneling, can also add depth to your interior design.

Textures: Like patterns and prints, textures bring a whole new dimension and depth to walls, furniture and the space. Texture in interior design can include various sources from soft fabrics to harder materials like stone and wood. Unique textures can really make a space stand out. For example, different finishes, such as macramé and rattan, or harder materials, such as wood, stone, and brick, can add interest to a room or space, creating a very striking contrast to fabric textures. Using the right types of textures can also create amazing effects. When used with suitable lighting, shiny and smooth textures, for example, reflect the light and create a cool effect, while other raised textures can absorb the light and create a sense of warmth and coziness.

Minimal accessories: While accessorizing can make your home look elegant and sophisticated, it is better in a country house to keep accessories to a minimum. A country house should be practical, which is why over-accessorizing can make your space look cluttered. However, embroidered tapestries along with suitable flora and fauna, for example, make naturally perfect additions to country houses. Flowers, in fact, can help you make your home look more hospitable and comfortable, especially since they add color and texture into the rooms. Accessorizing with simple art, vases, and picture frames should also be able to create a personalized space in your home. On the other hand, cushions, pillows, and rugs in the seating area can make the space look more comfortable and inviting.

Modern countryside interiors are, in a way, different from the usual urban interiors. While urban interiors are designed to look elegant, upscale, and spacious, countryside interiors are designed with the goal of creating a comfortable, warm, cozy, and natural living space that provides a welcoming and relaxing experience for its dwellers. The best thing about country style, however, is that there are no strict rules to follow, as it is mainly about combining items of high value or importance to the resident, to create a home that feels lived-in and well-loved.

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