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Sustainable Neighborhood Development | 500 acres

… The designed livable neighborhood is safe, accessible, diverse, inclusive and sustainable. The urban design is a mixed use development that includes different types of housing, accommodation, a business district, parks, restaurants, commercial and retail areas.

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Sports’ and Kids’ Urban Playgrounds

… Open space, parks and urban playgrounds contribute to successful placemaking, which plays a major role in achieving a sustainable community that seeks to maintain and improve its economic, environmental and social characteristics in order for its members to continue leading healthy, productive and enjoyable lives.

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Mixed Use Plaza Development | Sub-Saharan Africa

…Converting the Main Street into a pedestrian promenade, the plaza is a composition of clusters hosting a multi-use program. Each cluster is composed of a group of buildings that interact together and create a vibrant area. The functions vary between retail, restaurants, and leisure spaces…

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Mixed Use Development
in New York

Besides being a large commercial and retail area, Downtown Flushing is the fourth largest central business district in New York City.Main Street is of major importance. Along this axis, the businesses are located and continue to expand due to the economic growth that the area is expecting.

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La Grande Brasserie du Levant

The project is located in Mar Mikhaël on the site of “La Grande Brasserie du Levant” and consists of transforming the abandoned industrial building into a social and cultural space. It is an intervention on a passive point in a changing neighborhood to transform it into an active and dynamic area in the city.

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