Upscale Your Home Interior in 10 Steps

Upscale Your Home Interior in 10 Steps

When designing your home interior, it is important to take a holistic view of the way you use your space and create a personalized, elegant and aesthetically pleasing environment while considering a variety of styles and making the right design choice. Well-crafted and thought through interior designs follow specific principles and elements, such as space, line, form, light, color, texture, and pattern. From applying a fresh coat of paint to adding great lighting and hardwood floors, here are a few simple tips to follow in order to upscale the look and feel of your home interior.

1- Declutter for a fancier and brighter home interior: Surprisingly, one of the easiest ways to achieve elegance and upscale your home design is by cleaning. A messy, untidy, and unkept space is decidedly un-chic. Displaying or having too much stuff in a room can make the room look chaotic and cheap. Elegance can be achieved by simply keeping everything looking its best, through taking care of stains and spots on your rugs, furniture, and mirrors, making them appear bright and welcoming. Regular cleaning also helps keep clutter at bay, allowing other elements in your room, such as pillows, paint, and accessories, to stand out. Clutter includes paperwork, mail, catalogs, and anything else that is not pleasing to look at. Additionally, hiding and concealing all the wires of the appliances that are being used in our modern day also contributes to an elegant and expensive looking house, as the wires and connections don’t make for an attractive look.

2- Add great lighting to set the right mood and highlight certain areas: Nothing screams elegant like good lighting. In fact, lighting in a home makes or breaks the quality of elegance, as light fittings can add a touch of class to your room. Natural lighting, for one, is very important to a room. Allowing natural light to seep through into the room through your windows is essential. Also, adding table and floor lamps throughout your space adds more light to the room and completes its look. Adding chandeliers, for example, enhances the whole room and gives a stylish finish. On the other hand, lighting can be very subtly done to bring the attention to certain areas. For example, installing LED lighting on top of a bookshelf or under a mirror adds interest and dimension to that area.

3- Choose a color scheme and add a fresh paint for a well-coordinated room: Taking the time to perfect your color scheme will make your home look expensive and elegant. Color is personal and adds sophistication to your home. If neutral colors are not your thing, bold and bright colors can also scream “elegant” and “sophistication”. For example, selecting a color palette of 2 to 3 main colors and 3 or 4 other complimentary colors could add a pop to the look of your room. Main colors could be, for example, cream and brown, while you could choose as complementary colors a few shades lighter or darker of those main colors, such as beige and ivory. On the other hand, nothing gives off a personalized and custom vibe to the room more than perfectly hued and painted walls. Painting a room or a single wall in your home can be a simple trick that can have a major impact in any space. Colors like beige and gray, for example, could make your home look fresh, elegant, and on trend, especially since they pair well with everything. Walls are not the only thing you can paint, however. Painting the ceiling, for example, is still quite an uncommon thing, and it would surprise everyone entering your home.

4- Add mirrors to make your space look bigger: Lighting and mirrors often go hand-in-hand together. By adding a few strategically placed mirrors in the space, matched with the perfect lighting, your eyes and even the eyes of your visitors will be tricked into thinking that the space is larger than it actually is, as placing mirrors in a room will reflect the room back, making it appear more spacious.

5- Show off wood floors to make your furniture and décor stand out: One way to make your home feel bigger and more expensive is by replacing carpeting with hardwood floors. Carpets mostly tend to trap in dust and absorb moisture which can leave a foul or unpleasant odor in the space, while hard surface flooring is easier to clean and can provide a modern look to your home.

6- Add an area rug to bring the elements of your room together: Area rugs can really transform a space. Rugs help define rooms, lay the foundation, set the stage for the rest of the room to be styled, and bring everything together. Additionally, rugs add much-needed warmth, texture, and color to the room. Setting all your furniture on the rug or making sure that the feet of your furniture are touching a portion of the rug can make a huge difference in the room.

7- Install crown molding for a classic touch: Crown molding is a decorative finishing element that’s normally used for interior walls at the point where the wall meets the ceiling. Installing moldings in your home is a great way to make your space look more expensive and polished. In fact, a simple and single-shape piece of molding will do the trick, as this method has a way of making a room look complete or finished, giving the ceiling and walls an elegant appearance.

8- Upgrade hardware for a modern looking interior: The hardware in your home is something you may not pay much attention to, but if it’s outdated or worn out, it can really bring down the entire vibe in the room. Replacing your old hardware and fixtures with something a little more stylish and modern can add luxury to your home. Replacing old knobs and handles with other smaller ones can give your home a high-end glam. Replacing dated flush mount lights with a modern style, or swapping plastic wall plates for metal can also make the room look more expensive.

9- Invest in artwork or display your hobbies for a personalized decor: Framed works, like family photos and DIY art, can make a house feel like a home. Before mounting any work, you should make sure the art you select is the right size for the wall, but should remember that not every wall must be decorated with artwork. Using large scale art, for example, creates a space that’s impactful and memorable, as they grab the attention of visitors. On the other hand, you can also display your hobby creations or even equipment. This will help you create a personal touch and add a ton of character to your home, all while adding style to the space.

10- Accessorize and use fresh flowers to create a comfortable and hospitable environment: One of the easiest ways to make your home look expensive is to accessorize. Empty or dead spaces can be dressed up to make the whole room look more styled. Dining room tables, rugs, chandeliers, consoles, coffee tables, and sofas all have the ability to upgrade a home’s sense of luxury, while grouping together similar items can create a unique look for your home. Additionally, accessorizing with weighty accent pieces such as vases, picture frames, and ornaments should all be able to create a sense of luxury in your home. Hanging curtains near the ceiling could create a luxurious and upscale look in the room, as long curtains give an illusion that your room is larger. Placing a few plump throw pillows in the seating area can also add elegance and create a comfortable and stylish tone in your house. Flowers can elevate your usual table setting. In fact, something as simple as fresh-cut flowers can make it seem like you’ve put time and effort into your home. Also, a decorative vase filled with flowers, whether store-bought or from a local garden, would help you add a level of hospitality and comfort to your space, especially since flowers also add a pop of color and texture into the rooms. A big, bountiful bouquet of flowers on a coffee table can also add instant class.

Interior design plays an essential part in raising the morale of the person and the feeling of joy, comfort, and happiness within the home. It is, therefore, important to make a home look elegant and welcoming. Choosing the right paint colors, suitable artwork, and lighting, avoiding poor quality items, and accessorizing houses in the proper way are some of the best tricks that can be used to create high-end and high-quality designs.

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